10 signs that your PPC Agency is not doing everything right

Among the advantages of working with a PPC agency versus in-house we find the ability to have a specialist team at your disposal and access to very specific work tools.

However, in the case of clients who do not know this area of ​​online marketing in depth, it can be difficult to know if the agency is performing well. The lack of knowledge means that the company has to rely on the criteria of the agency sometimes “blindly”, which can end in a stormy relationship.

Here is a checklist of signals that should raise the alarm to any company that works with an agency:

10 Signs Your PPC agency not doing everything right

Table of contents 

  • 1 1. Lack of transparency
  • 2 2. They know how to do everything
  • 3 3. Reactivity Vs. Pro activity
  • 4 4. Guarantee results
  • 5 5. Continuous changes of Account Manager
  • 6 6. Lack of proposals for growth or improvement
  • 7 7. Fees too Low
  • 8 8. Focus on the wrong KPIs
  • 9 9. Do not ask about the objectives
  • 10 10. You do not hear the word test
  • 11 We are a team

1. Lack of transparency

If your agency does not let you have access to the account, suspect. It is a basic aspect that is treated by necessity at the beginning of the relationship and that should make you doubt.

In the same case we find accounts that are created within the agency, being this the highest administrator.

Good practices and professional ethics tell us that the accounts must be the client’s at all times. The PPC agency is responsible for its management but, in the event that the relationship is broken, it is the client who must have the administration of the account.

The lack of transparency can also affect the agency-client communication, when the agency avoids sharing the results openly or drifts the conversation to other issues.

2. They know how to do everything

Ideally, your PPC agency should be a specialist in the field. This means that your team spends all day dealing with PPC accounts, is trained exclusively in this field, has access to specific tools, is up to date and has very relevant experience in PPC from different verticals.

If your agency does SEO Consulting, SEM and Community Management it is very likely that you are not specialized in any of these subjects. Maybe you’re in good hands, but you’re not in the best.

3. Reactivity vs. Proactivity

A good PPC agency plans its actions as far as possible, aligning them with the objectives of the company. It offers proposals and suggestions for improvement frequently and without having to ask for them, and tries to keep the campaigns “alive” and that the performance is optimal at all times.

If your PPC agency only responds when something happens, do not wait for it, it’s time to change your PPC accounts.

4. Guarantee results

Nobody can guarantee that you will be in position at 1. Not even that your ads will appear in the search results, since it depends on numerous factors. The guarantee of concrete results by an agency must always make the alarms. The only thing that a PPC agency must guarantee is the effort to achieve the best results.

5. Continuous changes of Account Manager

There are many reasons why a good PPC agency can designate a new AM for an account and they do not have to be bad, but this transition must be slow and careful. You should not lose contact with the original account handler in a while and the ideal is that both work together until the successor knows everything about the account. If your agency continuously changes you from Account manager without prior notice and without further explanation, it is time to ask questions. These changes can slow down the performance of the accounts due to the different approaches, and if the transition is not carried out properly it is possible that there are half-done tasks or proposals that are never carried out.

In any case, it is always advisable that the client knows several members of the agency team so that they feel confident even if their account handler is not available. If account manager is on vacation (if notified well in advance, if a back-up Account Manager is designated to that works…) can also offer insights into the internal functioning of the agency.

6. Lack of proposals for growth or improvement

The best Pay Per Click agencies continually strive to ensure that all accounts are “live”, the management is dynamic and can be further developed. We want to grow with the client. If your agency does not offer ideas to scale up the campaigns or open new channels it is likely that you will be stuck while the competition continues to grow: failure is guaranteed.

10 Signs Your ppc agency not doing everything right

7. Fees too Low

Suspect! A good job requires the time and skill of a specifically trained team to develop these functions, and this is not cheap.

A fee that is too low may mean that the accounts work by some cheap company or that they are managed exclusively through automation programs without human criteria. 
Some companies negotiate with the agencies a lower fee in exchange for fewer shares, but this can be dangerous. There is a point in the PPC Marketing agency in which investing “little” or not investing anything has the same effect and therefore it makes no sense to carry out any campaign. All accounts require a minimum investment to be viable, being necessary to assess it with the agency to achieve the results that have been raised.

8. Focus on the wrong KPIs

Generally the objective is to improve the profitability of the client company. Although this can be interpreted through different target KPIs (ROAS, ROI, orders, etc.), all of them respond to a strategic approach.

If your PPC marketing agency focuses on non-strategic KPIs such as traffic volume, impressions, or CTR, something goes wrong. In this situation the agency-client alignment is not the correct one and it can divert us from the true end.

9. They do not ask about the objectives

Or do not insist on the importance of the results. If your PPC marketing agency are truly aligned with the business model, the logical thing is that you comment on the objectives and expectations of the account. To evaluate the results and decide what actions to take, it is necessary to have that, results. What is not measured cannot be improved.

10. You do not hear the word test

Testing is essential to know what works in an account. If you work with a good agency you will hear this term often and in all its variants: ad testing ads, bidding experiments, landing pages, investment tests in other media, etc.

Good PPC agencies also talk a lot about CRO Conversion Rate Optimization. 

We are a team

Agency and client must be one, since they have a common goal: to achieve the results. The good relationship between both is manifested in the meetings in which all contribute. The company always has a business vision that must be transmitted to the agency and the agency must strive to align PPC’s actions with the company’s strategy.

If after reading this post you think your agency is failing you, put yourself in the hands of experts: contact us !